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Welcome to our web site!

Our Goal
Our goal is to raise awareness of the plight of many of our natural wonders by sharing a few of the wildlife and landscape photopraphs we have taken from around the world. We have traveled extensively, not only to seek photo opportunities but to observe wild animals in their natural habitats. Among the many destinations we have visited are Belize, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Fiji, Galapagos Islands, Guadalupe Island, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Komodo Island, Mexico, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Sea of Cortez, Tahiti, Thailand, Venezuela, and many locations in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Our favorite subjects are endangered species. Please look around and we hope you enjoy your visit. We welcome any constructive comments.

Our Photographs
All the images on this site were taken with professional, high-resolution digital SLR's and lenses. We sell our printed images at reasonable prices in several convenient sizes. The prints are shipped in crush-resistant US Post Office tube mailers.

We also offer our images in digital form via a right-to-use license. The pricing will vary depending on their use and is based on industry standards. Click on the Pricing and Ordering links to learn more.

Our images are copyrighted material and digitally watermarked. Wildlife Imaging will pursue all legal remedies against any person or entity using these images without express written permission.